Use a blank sheet of paper to answer the ?'s

1. Name the phase of interphase in which cells copy their DNA.


2. Name this phase.


3. Name the phase in which spindle fibers and centrioles disappear.


4. Put the following cells in the correct order. 

           A                             B                            C                          D                         E


 5. Name this spot that holds  
     the chromatid arms together.

6. DNA that is spread out in the nucleus of a non-dividing cell is called _____________.


7.  Name the phase this cell is in.


8. Name the phase of the cell cycle in which cells spend most of their time doing their job.


9. Name these structures that pull the chromosomes apart during cell division.


10. Name the kind of division used by bacteria to reproduce.

11. The family of molecules that control the cell cycle are called __________. 

12. Phase of the cell cycle in which the cell makes molecules and organelles needed for the new cell.


13. Chromosomes that are the same size, same shape, and carry genes for the same traits are called ______________ chromosomes.

14.  True or False

These two chromosomes are identical. 


 15. Name the phase of mitosis that follows anaphase.


16. Name this phase in which a nucleus is visible and the DNA is spread out as chromatin.


17. Name the phase of mitosis in which chromatid arms separate and move to opposite ends of the cell.

 18. TRUE or FALSE
The chromatid arms on a chromosome are identical.


19. These microtubule fibers that pull the chromosomes are called the                                                 ______________

20. Phase of the cell cycle in which cells stop dividing.

21. Phase of the cell cycle that follows G1

22. Phase in which the nuclear membrane and nucleolus disappear and spindle fibers and centrioles appear.  

23. The centrioles lie in a region called the __________ which helps to organize the spindle fibers.

24. A disorder in which some of the body’s cells lose the ability to control their cell cycle.

25. Tell the phase these cells are in.
(Look at the nucleus!)

26. Tell how you can tell this is an animal cell and NOT a plant cell.

27.  Phase of the cell cycle in which the nuclear membrane and nucleolus return.  

28. Name the 3 phases that make up interphase. 

29. Phase in which the cytoplasm splits.  

30. Phase in which chromosomes spread out into chromatin.

31. What phase is this cell in?

32. What is this dividing wall called?










1. S-synthesis
2. anaphase (apart)
3. Telophase
4. A,C,E,D,B
5. centromere
6. chromatin
7. metaphase (middle)
8. G1
9.  centrioles
10.binary fission
11. cyclins
12. G2
13. homologous
14.False; similar but not identical
15. telophase
16. interphase
17. anaphase
18. TRUE chromatids are identical copies
19. spindle
20. G0
21. S
22 prophase
23. centrosome
24. cancer
25. telophase (can still see chromosomes)
26. In pinches (has a cleavage furrow)
27. telophase
28. G1, S, G2
29. cytokinesis
30. telophase
31. cytokinesis
32. cell plate