Kim Foglia was an amazing Biology educator who passed away in 2011.
Her gift to other teachers was sharing her resources through her website
The following are links to Kim's resources.


Welcome! Here you will find copies of many of the labs that my students perform in their Living Environment class.

Use the power of a word processing program to simulate the action of restriction enzymes on the actual lambda phage DNA sequence. It also enables students to make predictions of how a electrophoresis gel will look based on what they now know about the size of DNA fragments they have just cut. This can be done as a stand-alone lab or as a warm up for an electrophoresis lab using lambda phage DNA cut with EcoRI, HindIII & BamHI enzymes. (V1.0)

You will need to download the file of the DNA sequence from the Lambda phage virus
A nice quick paper demo on the process of cloning a gene into a plasmid using a simulation of the puc18 plasmid & the Jellyfish Glo gene sequence.
It reviews the concepts of restriction enzymes, "sticky ends", cloning, and transformation. It is helpful to get a picture in students' heads of the process. Attached to this lab are model DNA sequences representing the puc18 plasmid & the Jellyfish Glo gene sequence. For this exercise, you need to give each student a copy of the puc18 plasmid DNA sequence on strip of white paper & a copy of the Jellyfish Glo gene sequence on a strip of green paper. (V2.0)
Animal Systems
Enzymes & Metabolism
Heredity: Genetics & Protein Synthesis
Scientific Method