TURTLE parts and functions

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
Part of small intestine where bile and trypsin are added; finishes digestion
Gas exchange
Collects nitrogen waste from blood and makes urine; osmoregulation
Makes bile, stores vitamins, breaks down toxins
air tube that connects glottis to bronchi
Part of small intestine that finishes digestion & absorbs nutrients
Shared collecting space for urine, feces, and sperm or eggs before exiting
Exit used by the digestive, excretory, & reproductive systems
Makes acid & digestive enzymes to start the break down of food
Produces, stores, and recycles blood cells;
Collects and concentrates feces
Makes trypsin, insulin, & glucagon
Increase surface area inside the small intestine
Stores bile
Increase surface area inside lungs