Thanks for attending my session
Saturday Feb 8 in Huron, SD.
Below are links you may find useful.
2014 SDSTA Presentation

Desktop Electrophoresis

D2L-Learning Powers AP Biology
Cell signaling and Homeostasis Modeling

Pool Noodle operons
Catalyst Learning Pool Noodle Operon directions
Operon handout

Cut and paste plasmids
Recombinant plasmid cut & paste 
Modified from
Plasmid DNA
Insulin DNA

Biology Theater
Photosynthesis, Replication, Transcription, Translation, Muscle contraction, Counter current flow, and more

Playdough/WhiteBoards vocab
AP Bio Semester 1 review

Show what you know- video assignment

Biology Teacher help

AP BIO teacher help

AP Bio-Visualizing Information
3 Lessons

3D Molecular Designs

Milwaukee School of Engineering Lending Library

Kristin Dotti Catalyst Learning Curricula

Sample lesson plans

AP BIO Teacher Community

Jennifer Forsyth-
Repressor white boards


Riedell Home Biology Teacher help AP BIO teacher help