This webpage was created by Kelly Riedell (696-4146) and Michelle VanderWal (696-4177) for a Brookings School District In-service Mini-workshop to help teachers use the Blackboard Learn site in their classrooms.
DOE Training videos & Handouts    
BEGINNER- training video Beginner Handout -Powerpoint Beginner Handout pdf  
ADVANCED-training video Advanced Handout-Powerpoint Advanced Handout pdf  
Setting up Learning Modules Using Learning Modules Using the Calendar  
Social Learning Tools Discussions    
Create a class Adding students Adding Other teachers  
Settings Making a test Adding an image to a test Extra credit ?'s
Learning Modules Options Clearing Student Attempts Adding an image to an answer How to see student grades
Show/Hide columns Hiding files from view Copying a Test Penalty Points for MC ?'s
Student test taking Importing Exam View into BB If you can't see grades

Getting started      Handout
Click here to go to the
Choose Member Sign in

Click on Sign in

Log in using your school email login and password
Check the "Remember my credentials" box if you wish to be remembered next time.

Create a class

Click on Blackboard Learn Services

Type a NAME for your class in the box then click on SUBMIT.

The Data Center will send you an email when your class has been created.(It doesn't take very long)

Links to DOE Recorded Sessions of Blackboard Learn Trainings